Programme Educational Objectives of M.Tech Environmental Engineering

1. To produce competent Environmental Engineers with sound knowledge so as to develop ability to understand and analyze environmental engineering problems.

2. To perform investigation for solving the complex problem by way of conducting research experiments and by using modern equipment and software tools.

3. To develop capability to function as efficient leader and to encourage the team work for managing the projects effectively and economically.

4. To exhibit skill to communicate in effective manner with his superiors and subordinates in order to create a healthy result oriented working environment in the organization.

5. To prepare the Environmental Engineer to understand the impact of environment and related issues on the environmental engineering projects so as to ensure their sustainability.

Programme Outcomes of M.Tech Environmental Engineering

1. A sound knowledge of environmental engineering disciplines like water, wastewater, air and groundwater pollution, environmental chemistry, microbiology, solid waste management, industrial wastewater treatment and environmental impact assessment with the ability to apply the knowledge to real life problems. An ability to understand and analyze the environment related problems and to successfully define the solution methodology of these problems.

2. An understanding of analysis and design as per the standard provisions so as to protect the environment.

3. An ability to communicate effectively to the society.

4. An ability to adopt new technology by properly understanding the pros and cons to implement the same successfully.

5. An ability to function effectively as leader by encouraging the team work so as to make him problem solver.