Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has evolved a programme through which financial support is provided for conducting research and development activities related to Space Science, Space Technology and Space Application to academia in India. This programme of Research Sponsored by ISRO is called RESPOND. In special cases research and development projects proposed by non-academic R & D laboratories can also be supported through this programme. The aim of RESPOND is to encourage quality research in areas of relevance to the Indian space programme.

Supported Areas of Research

Research proposals are Supported by ISRO in any area of relevance to the space programme of which the following are few examples:

Space Science : Physics of the ionosphere and magnetosphere; meteorology, dynamics of the
atmosphere; geophysics, geology; astronomy; cosmology; astrophysics; planetary  and
interplanetary space physics and climatology.

Space technology : Rocket and satellite technology; propulsion systems design and
optimization; aerodynamics and heat transfer problems related to space vehicles; guidance and control systems for launch vehicles and spacecraft; polymer chemistry, propellant technology; ultra-light-weight structure; satellite energy systems; space electronics, Space communication systems; orbital mechanics, computer sciences and new material development.

Space Application : Remote sensing of the earth’s resources: space communication; satellite geodesy image processing, satellite meteorology including weather forecasting, Space Education and Ecology.

Submission of Research Proposal

An individual or group(s) of scientists / engineers affiliated to any academic
institution/autonomous R&D institutions and/or faculty members of recognised academic
institutions and universities may submit proposals. The Principal Investigator(s) should be full-time employee(s) of the concerned institution. The Head of the academic institution must forward proposals with application for research grants. Proposals from individuals not affiliated to any recognized institution will not be considered.The proposals should preferably be submitted in the areas of Space Science, Space Technology and Space Application. There is no last date for submitting proposals. Each proposal must name a Principal investigator who is a domain expert in the area to which the proposal belongs and who is a full time employee/faculty of the institution forwarding the application. There may also be co-investigator(s) from the same/different institutions working on the project. But satisfactory completion of a project will be the responsibility of the Principal
Investigator and her/his institution. 
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