Department of Nanotechnology

In compliance with the declaration of Honle Chief Minister in his budget speech and subsequently with reference to the office order no. RTU/F(2)/2012/1702-08 dt. 25-05-2012, Center of Nanotechnology was established in RTU from session 2012-13.The centre was started as an independent centre for the advancement of knowledge and to contribute meaningfully through research and development in the area of Nanotechnology. For this, the centre was initially to started Post Graduate Studies and Research in the area of Nanotechnology.Two M.Tech. Programmes, namely M.Tech. Nanotechnology (Structures) and M.Tech. Nanotechnology (Electro Mechanical), were commenced in the centre from session 2012-13. In the centre, presently 15 students of II semester and 10 students of IV semester are studying in M.Tech. Nanotechnology (Electro Mechanical) programme.