Human Resource Development Group
Council of Scientific & Industrial Research

Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR), India, a premier national R&D organisation,is among the world’s largest publicly funded R&D organisation. CSIR’s pioneering sustained contribution to S&T human resource development is acclaimed nationally. Human Resource Development Group (HRDG), a division of CSIR realises this objective through various grants, fellowship schemes etc.Human Resource Development Group has been contributing significantly towards producing an inquiring society and fast growing knowledge economy. These numerous schemes cover a wide range of scientists (aging from 15 years to 65 years. Few of these are listed below. Complete detail can be obtained through

CSIR Research Grants
Brief detail:
The Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) provides financial assistance to promote research work in the fields of Science & Technology, including Agriculture, Engineering and Medicine. The assistance is provided by way of grants to Professors/Experts in regular employment, in the universities, IITs, post-graduate institutions, recognized R&D laboratories both in public and private sectors. Research proposals of applied nature as well as those falling under basic sciences which attempt to solve specific problems being pursued by CSIR laboratories, or in newer and complementary fields, are considered for CSIR support. Priority is given to multi-disciplinary projects which involve inter-organisational co-operation (including that of CSIR laboratories). However, preference is given to schemes which have relevance to research programmes of CSIR laboratories. Application form and other details are available at
Visiting Associate ship Scheme
Brief detail:
Eligibility Qualification / age: Middle level scientists from universities/R&D units in industries

Selection Procedure: Evaluation by committee(s)

Normal time for application: Through the Directors of the concerned CSIR Laboratories

Amount / Stipend / Grant:  TA&DA for two visits to a CSIR lab. Maximum of 60 days in a year

Tenure: 3 years


Travel Grant
Brief detail:
A. CSIR has a scheme for providing travel assistance to any deserving bright young Indian Research Scholars working in an academic or research institution in India for
participating in Conferences, Symposia, etc. held abroad.

B. Partial Finance Assistance For Regular / Adhoc / Contract Employee (NON CSIR) CSIR
has a scheme for providing travel assistance to any deserving bright young Indian
Scientist working in an academic or research institution in India for participating in
Conferences, Symposia, etc. held abroad.

Application forms and other details can be obtained from

CSIR’s Symposium Grant
It is provided for organizing a symposium/seminar/conference/workshop etc. in India.

Details are available at

Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize For Science and Technology
SSB Prizes, each of the value of Rs 5,00,000 (Rupees five lakh only), are awarded annually for notable and outstanding research, applied or fundamental, in the following disciplines: (1) Biological, (2) Chemical, (3) Earth, Atmosphere, Ocean and Planetary, (4) Engineering, (5) Mathematical, (6) Medical, and (7) Physical Sciences.
Recognition of outstanding Indian work in science and technology.
Any citizen of India engaged in research in any field of science and technology up to the age of 45 years as reckoned on 31st December of the year preceding the year of the Prize.Overseas citizen of India (OCI) and Persons of Indian Origin (PIO) working in India are also eligible. The Prize is bestowed on a person who, in the opinion of CSIR, has made conspicuously important and outstanding contributions to human knowledge and progress – fundamental and applied – in the particular field of endeavour, which is his/her specialization. The Prize is awarded on the basis of contributions made through work done primarily in India during the five years preceding the year of the Prize.  (For this purpose ‘primarily’ will mean ‘for the most part’). Further details are available at

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