The Master of Business Administration (MBA) has been organized in Two years of 4 semesters .
Specific Feature:
MBA with Dual Specialization i.e. A student will be awarded MBA in two areas. (RTU is only state university in Raj to offer it)
Practical labs in Every semester
The list of papers offered during the four semesters of 2-Year MBA programme (2014-16) is as follows.
Semester – I
Code No. Name of Subject
M-101 Fundamentals of Management
M-102 Organizational Behavior
M-103 Business Mathematics & Statistics
M-104 Managerial Economics
M-105 Accounting For Management
M-106 IT for Managers
M-107 Business Environment
M-108 Communication for Management
M-109 Information and Communication Techniques Lab
M-110 Business Communication Lab
Semester – II
Code No. Name of Subject
M-201 Human Resource Management
M-202 Cost Accounting for Management
M-203 Financial Management
M-204 Marketing Management
M-205 Operations and Supply Management
M-206 Research Methods in Management
M-207 New Enterprise and Innovation Management (NE&IM)
M-208 Operations Research
M-209 Seminar on Contemporary Issues*
M-210 Computer Applications Lab
Scheme for the MBA Major Stream: in III and IV Semester

Finance management, Human resource management, Marketing Management & Operation management

Semester – III

Code No. Name of Subject
Compulsory Subjects
M-301 Business Policy & Strategic Management
M-302 Summer Training Project Report*
M-303 CapacityBuilding Lab
M-304 Major Optional Subject lab-1##

Optional Subjects

Six Subjects (Three from each group) The student will get specialized in two Majors. For example a Finance major  & Marketing major student will have to opt any three from M-310, 311, 312 & 313 and any three from M-320, 321, 322, 323)
Semester – IV
Code No. Name of Subject
Compulsory Subjects
M-401 Business Ethics and Corporate Governance
M-402 Project Management
M-403 Business laws
M-404  Project Work#
M-405 Major Optional Subject lab-2##

Optional Subjects

Four subject (two from each group). For example Finance major & Marketing major student will have to opt any two from M-410, 411, 412, 413 and any two from M-420, 421, 422, 423.###