At RTU level

“The welfare of students is most important for us. Dean Students’ welfare office is responsible for organization, coordination and managing all aspects of welfare of students”.

Students’ Grievance Redressal Council

  1. It is proposed to constitute a “Students’ Grievance Redressal Council”. Constitution of the Council shall be as below:
    i Pro VC Chairman
    ii Dean of the concerned faculty* Member
    iii Dir (Academics) Member
    iv COE Member
    v HVC Nominee (male) Member
    vi HVC Nominee (female) Member
    vii Dean, SW Member

    (* In case of dealing with the general issue/s, Dean of Engineering & Architecture shall be the member of the Council)

  2. More than fifty percent of the total members shall constitute the quorum for a meeting of the Council.
  3. Any other person/ student/ official may be invited during the meeting of the Council (on the recommendation of Dean SW) in order to resolve the issue more judiciously and with all fairness.
  4. In the absence of Pro VC and in emergent situation, Dean SW may call and chair the meeting and minutes of the meeting shall be put before the HVC for necessary approval.
  5. The Council shall be the highest body at university level to address the students’ grievances/ in-disciplinary cases (referred by the colleges or otherwise) and to plan the extra-curricular and co-curricular activities.
  6. The grievances related with examination shall be dealt with by the Controller of Examination office.
  7. The grievances related with the academics/ shortcomings of the colleges shall be dealt with by the Director (Academics) office.
  8. Students are required to send the grievance to Dean (SW) only after exercising its redressal through prescribed grievance redressal setup at the college level.
  9. In normal circumstances, NO such grievance, sent directly to Dean (SW), shall be entertained. Exceptions are:
    1. Grievance is of serious nature that demands immediate attention.
    2. If the college fails to redress the grievance or does not entertain the grievance.

    However, HVC, at his discretion, may send any grievance/ case to the Council for redressal.

  10. The recommendations of the Council shall be put before the HVC for approval which shall be final and binding to all. However, the HVC, if he is of the opinion that the case merits’ review, may refer the case back to the Council for reconsideration.
  11. In the absence of appointment of Ombudsman in the University, the Council shall address all such related issues referred by the College Grievance Redressal Committee to RTU.